All of our customers receive a basic amount of released valuation protection with every move at "no charge". This is the standard coverage that should be supplied by all movers which blankets your personal belongings for 60 cents per pound per article. So for example if you had an article that weighed 100 lbs. you would be covered for $60.00. A deductible of $150.00 applies.

For those customers who wish to have their belongings protected for more than the basic amount of protection we offer declared valuation coverage. This protection gives you extra coverage of all your belongings for a nominal cost of $7.00 per $1,000 on highway moves, $10.00 for vehicles shipped via Great Canadian Van Lines and $1.00 per $1,000 additional per month on moves with storage included. Our minimum requirement for increased valuation coverage is 4 times your weight. This valuation protection covers you for repair of replacement of like kind and quality. A deductible of $150.00 applies.

With both above types of coverage they're certain conditions and exceptions that apply.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All cartons packed by the customer are not covered for their contents under any of our plans unless the box has been packed or unpacked by ACCURATE MOVING SERVICES USA. Other articles that can't be guaranteed are articles left loose for transport that should be packed, articles packed in plastic bags, items made out of pressboard and mechanical operation of any item. To have your articles fully protected choose to have Tender Touch pack and unpack for you. ACCU-RATE MOVING SERVICES USA will not take responsibility for lost or damaged currency, jewelry, or valuable papers these items must be moved by the customer.

VEHICLES Shipped inland via Hansen or Sea Rail have a zero deductible and are fully covered for their red book value. Antiques and excluded and certain terms and conditions apply to all shipments.

Overseas shipments are excluded from the above types of protections but are covered under REPLACEMENT VALUE INSURANCE IS PROVIDED BY BAKER INTERNATIONAL INC based on a per $1,000 declaration. You have 3 choices 1. Waive Coverage, 2. Total Loss Insurance, 3. All Risk Replacement.

Waive Coverage: With this option you would waive responsibility for all carriers involved in transporting your shipment for loss or damage or any sort. This option is not recommended.

Total Loss Insurance: Will protect you against any individual or total item lost. The charges for this coverage are 2.2% of the value declared. $250.00 deductible applies.

All Risk Replacement Insurance: Will protect you against total loss or individual item loss as well as any physical damage to your property. If you choose to pack your own boxes and/or pad your own furniture the insurance company may dismiss your claim in the case of damage as the damage could have been due to improper preparation. It is recommended to have professional movers pack your cartons and properly corrugate your furniture for best protection. The charges for this coverage are 2.5% of the value declared $500.00 deductible applies.

Note: With all noted coverage's any individual item with a value of $5,000 or more must be declared in addition.

All above information should only be used as a guide, specific terms and conditions may apply in each case

If you require additional information, please contact us. 201-285-5373 or e-mail us

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